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English II


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English II

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About The Teacher


I received my Bachelor's from The University of Memphis in January of 2013, and my Master's in Education from Union University in December of 2017.


The 2019-2020 school year will be my second at HLHS.  I taught English I and II last year and enjoyed every minute.  I look forward to another great year at HLHS.

I did my student teaching at Robert Ellis Middle School and Hendersonville High School in 2017 and was a substitute teacher for Sumner County Schools from 2016-2018. 

Philosophy of Learning:

I have always believed that teaching is one of the most important occupations one can hold.  Educating future generations will impact not only our children's future but the world.  I have wanted to be a teacher for a very long time.  After having my first son and watching him grow and develop I realized how passionate I was about education.  Helping my son learn and understand new things has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I wanted to be able to reach others as well.

My philosophy for teaching is to create a safe, warm, and positive learning environment for each of my students. I believe all children are bright, capable, and enthusiastic learning given the right tools and atmosphere. All students learn differently, so offering a variety of learning styles is essential. We will have small-group exercises, explore concepts together, and work towards goals as a team.  Having family support and involvement will encourage students to work even harder to achieve their academics goals.
We will all collaborate to ensure every student is successful.  I will be a teacher with a growth mindset, and I will also encourage this mindset in all my students so that everyone in the classroom can progress.  Carol Dweck explores the importance of having a growth mindset and establishing a growth mindset in your students.  Using this theory I can ensure that my students will continuously strive to make progress and knowledge gain in my classroom and beyond.

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Vocabulary Assignments:

These individual links will allow students to join their class if they are having trouble logging in.  All students should already have their log-in information as we have been using this site all semester. On this site, students will practice with different vocabulary words weekly.

I cannot access students' log-in information n this site.  If they forget it, they will have to create a new one.

1st Block-

3rd Block-

4th Block-

USATESTPREP Assignments:

This link will take students to the log-in. All students have their own individual log-in.  Again, they should all have these because we have been using this site all semester.  I do have access to look up their information if needed on this site. The account ID for everyone is hornlake73. This site provides passages for students to read and then standard-based questions about the passages they have read.


Commonlit Assignments:

This link will take all students to the site.  Students have all used this site in class as well.  This site has slightly longer passages, short stories, speeches, and other texts with standard-based questions following. I can access students' information on this site.  If students need it, email or message me. If students need to re-join the class here all the different class codes for each block:

1st block- LVYKN7

3rd block- 897KLB

4th block - RK8LZL