Bell Schedule 2021-2022

Printable Bell Schedule

*Teachers should be clocked in by 7:00.

**Teachers with morning duty should be clocked in by 6:55.


1st Block:              7:35-9:09

Class Change:      9:09-9:13

EVTV/Break:        9:13-9:36 *(will take place at the beginning of 2nd block)

2nd Block:            9:36-11:10

Class Change:      11:10-11:14

3rd Block:             11:14-1:12

Class Change:      1:12-1:16

4th Block:             1:16-2:50


** We will dismiss in 6 groups:


ROTC/Gym bus riders

D,E,F bus riders

A,B,C bus riders


ROTC/Gym car riders

D,E,F car riders

A,B,C car riders