Welcome to Eagle Library

Zupuriuh Harrington, Librarian

About Me

It is such an honor to be the librarian at Horn Lake High School! 

I wear the Eagle pride with confident as I am committed to serving the Eagle FamiHLy! 

I was a librarian at a college for years and after moving to the top of the state of MS, I started a librarian career in K-12. 

I absolutely enjoy reading, shopping, traveling, spending time with family and friends. 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also, I love being a librarian!!!!


B.S. Biology

Master of Library & Information Science

Doctor of Education

Subjects Taught

Information Literacy


About the Library

Strong Readers = Strong Leaders Image

Library Hours


7:00 - 7:30 a.m.

The library is now open in the mornings from 7:00-7:30 a.m. During this time, you can...

  • Work on assignments
  • Check out/return books
  • Read your library books
  • Use a computer for research or assignments

Students have access to computers for educational purposes only for:

  • Working on projects
  • Printing assignments
  • Applying for scholarships, college, or jobs

Open Access Times

  • Snack cart time with a signed agenda or note from the teacher
  • Lunchtime with a signed agenda or note from the teacher
  • During a class visit

The HLHS Library Mission Statement

"The mission of the Horn Lake High School Library Media Center is to provide an innovative learning environment that encourages students and faculty to become effective users of information in the 21st Century while assisting them in developing the skills necessary for lifelong reading and learning."

Library Basics

The library is open every day at 7:00 AM, during snack cart time, and during lunch most days. Students may use the library to complete work on computers, check out library books, read, or work on homework and/or projects.

Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the library during school hours unless approved by the librarian. Cell phones are also NOT allowed during class visits.


Click on the links below to access HLHS's eBook collections. Username and password are listed below Digital Bookshelf #2.

Eboook Image 1
eBook Shelf #1
eBook Shelf #2


username: hornlakehs

password: eagles

Library Links

Below are some online resources, including links to the HLHS library catalog, Magnolia Databases, the First Regional Library system (the public library), literacy resources, and other helpful websites.


Student Resources

HLHS Library Catalog

Use the Horn Lake High School catalog link to search for available books by title, author, subject, or keyword. This catalog can be accessed at school or at home.



Sign in and improve your vocabulary acquisition.


Create multiple sets of flashcards online for free, then use Quizlet's many features to help study for upcoming tests.


First Regional Libraries

If you cannot find what you are look for at the HLHS library or need library access after school hours, check out the nearby Horn Lake public library.

Research Resources


Trying to find sources for a research project? Magnolia contains several research databases students can use at school or at home to find the materials they need. Be sure to click the High School (9-12) link under the K12 Students tab to find the high school resources.

Code: magn0897


Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab

Purdue Owl is a great resource for citing outside sources and formatting research papers. The website provides style guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago, among other materials.



MDE Literacy Resources

Click the link for more information about the Mississippi Department of Education's literacy plan and other literacy resources.


Strong Readers, Strong Leaders

Literacy program and resources created to promote literacy in the state of Mississippi. Although geared toward younger students, the website does offer resources for teachers.



Find high-interest nonfiction articles with adjustable lexile levels. Articles are free to access and include assessment questions that are aligned to standards.


National Public Radio

National Public Radio covers a variety of topics while offering free articles, as well transcripts and downloadable audio of their broadcasts.