Christopher McGowan

Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra


Courses Taught:

Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I



Welcome to the 9th/ 10th grade. This is a year long Algebra class that is divided into two semesters. The 1st (fall) semester is Foundations of Algebra and the 2nd (spring) semester is Algebra I.

The 1st semester is designed to work on skills that were learned in the 8th grade and building upon them. This is done to make sure that students are ready because in the 2nd semester these skills will be needed as they are the building blocks for all that we will be doing.

About the Teacher

Mr. McGowan brings 11 years of experience in education with all but one year being in Mississippi. He has been an employee at Horn Lake High school since 2017 and has the distinct honor of being a graduate of Horn Lake High School as well.

Mr. McGowan's math experience includes middle school mathematics as well as high school mathematics. He has a Bachelors in Mathematics, a Masters in Arts in Teaching, a Masters in Curriculum and a Specialist in Education Leadership.

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