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Courses Taught:

SREB Math Ready, Algebra 2



Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  We are excited to be back and educating our students.  I know it seems we have had many challenges in the world in the year 2020, but I am sure we can overcome them.  We only need to work together for a common goal and make the best of our situation.  Please be patient with me as your teacher, as I will do my best to be patient with you and our students as we work through this challenging school year.  If you have any questions, my email address is  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.  Thank you.


We will be using an new online platform this year for our distance learning called Schoology.  Assignments will be given through the Schoology website, and it will be used to help acquire grades and attendance for online learners.  **STUDENTS WILL NEED TO ACCESS SCHOOLOGY TO KNOW WHAT ASSIGNMENTS ARE TO BE COMPLETED FOR BOTH ALGEBRA AND SREB. 

For Algebra 2 classes, we will be using the Pearson textbook and Pearson online resources for many of the assignments given through Schoology.  Pearson is accessed through the Clever website.  Assignments may be given through Schoology, but students may need to log into Pearson to complete them. Clever can be accessed with this link-

For SREB classes, we will be using ck-12 as online resource.  Assignments will be given through Schoology, It will contain a text book with lessons and assignments.  ck-12 can be accessed with this link-

**Students will also need to know their school email and how to access it.  Students email will be used to turn in certain assignments and communicate with me as their teacher.  Student emails can be accessed with this link-

Online Resources for Students and Parents


(For Pearson Online)

Step 1:Go to your portal:

Step 2:Login as a STUDENTLog in with your Clever username and password:STUDENTUsername: MSIS NUMBER(Lunch Number)Password: MSIS Number (Lunch Number)

Step 3:From your Clever Portal, click on the application icon you’d like to use:





These are other resources that may help students with various topics and subjects during our Distance Learning Period.  You can explore these sites and use what you feel can help.  You do not have to limit your resources to ones from this page only.  Please feel free to use whatever tools you can aquire to help during this time.

Scholastic Learn at Home:

PBS Learning

Brain Pop:

Khan Academy:


MDE Learning at Home:




There will be at least two grades given every week, both for online learners and in class learners.  Some weeks will be more depending on assessments and/or projects given to students.  Please stay up to date with assignments as much as possible.