Online Textbook & Instructional Programs

The DeSoto County School District provides easy student access to their online textbooks when the students are entered in to PowerSchool (the student information system).  For questions regarding the textbooks, the student should always contact his/her teacher for detailed information.

Pearson Textbook Information

Students can access the Pearson Online Textbook by visiting the Pearson EasyBridge link,  or by logging in to their Office 365 Email account at

Pearson Logo

Username:  lunch#
Password:   lunch#

The Clever Portal: Your One-Stop Landing Page

DCSD utilizes the Clever Single sign-on platform to provide students with an easy way to access all their digital content with one login regardless of his/her location.

DCSD Clever Portal
Clever Portal Login



Student Credentials:

Username:  lunch#
Password:   lunch#

Teacher Credentials:

Username:  teacher#
Password:   teacher#

Logging in to the DCSD Clever Portal:

DCSD Clever Portal Login
MyVRSpot Digital Storytelling Platform

DCSD provides teachers and students with a MyVRSpot Digital Story Creation and Video Editing account.  MyVRSpot is a powerful digital tool and allows users access to over 4 million clips of footage and images and more than 8 thousand audio clips for use in the classroom and/or student projects.  Students can share his/her projects with their teachers directly in a private classroom group and safely showcase or present those videos and MediaSpot projects with their peers, friends or family.   There is no additional software to "download" and all work is editing online within the district MyVRSpot platform.

In addition to student accounts, teachers can upload youtube videos for use in the classroom while being assured that the commercials and questionable content will be removed while viewing. 

MyVRSpot Website:

Student Credentials:  Students in grades 6-12 have personal MyVRSpot accounts.  Students can log in using their wifi/computer credentials.  K-5 students access the platform with teacher guidance.


Username:  first initial + last initial + last 6 digits of lunch/MSIS # -- (js234567)

Password:   wifi/computer password


Teacher Credentials:  Teachers and staff have personal MyVRSpot accounts.  Teachers/staff can log in using their wifi/computer credentials.


Username:  firstname.lastname

Password:   wifi/computer password


For questions, Email Tina Streeter DCS Digital Media Facilitator.

Student MyVRSpot Login Example:
Student MyVRSpot Example
Teacher MyVRSpot Login Example:
Teacher MyVRSpot Login Example: