Marc Lewis

General Music, ETV



Welcome To Mr. Lewis' Classes

Mr. Lewis teaches 2 courses here at Horn Lake, Broadcast Journalism (EVTV) and General Music

Broadcast Journalism
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General Music
Horn Lake High School
Mr. Lewis

Course Information
Music General is a course based around the history and secrets of the music industry. Below you will find a basic outline of the course and units the class will cover. 

Course Topical Outline
Unit 1   Blues & Jazz
Unit 2   Industry Roles
Unit 3   Music Styles (Rap/Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Alternative, Grunge, Dubstep, Folk)
Unit 4   Live Shows/Industry Secrets/Song Writing

Other Topics We Will Cover
Guitars, Auto Tune, B3 Organ, Sound Waves, Synthesizers, In Depth Artist Bios, Atlanta’s Rap History, The Greatest Moments in Hip Hop, The History of Funk Music, and more!

Class Rules
• Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings
• When Mr. Lewis Talks… You DON’T!
• Keep your hands to yourself
• Respect the teacher and your peers
• Do not get out of your seat unless you get permission
• Raise your hand before speaking
• Bring Your notebook and pencil to class everyday. 
• Cheating will get you a zero

Materials Required
Spiral Notebook (you must have this everyday)
Pens/Pencils (you must have this everyday)

Reading Required

Book reports will be required for this class, you must have a book to read: Due dates for reports will be scheduled with plenty of advance notice. 

Grading Scale
Daily Grades 10%
Tests 30%
Notebooks 40%
Final Exam 20%

About the Teacher

Marc Lewis graduated from William Carey University in 2004, taught school at Olive Branch High School for seven years running their state of the art broadcast program (quistor voices) and working as the media specialist. In the fall of 2012 Mr. Lewis moved across the county to Horn Lake High to start up the brand new Eagle Vision program. Mr. Lewis teaches general music, an area he was professionally trained, and travels playing drum set professionally on the weekends. He also owns a small recording studio in Desoto county and works part time leading worship at a local church. Mr. Lewis also consults multiple clients on a regular basis in the art of stage sound, light, and video design.

Supply List

Spiral Notebook or 3 ring binder (Separate From Other Subjects)


-Kleenex, Germ X