Jaleesha Stephen

Family Dynamics, Child Development



Welcome to the wonderful world of Child Development/ Family Dynamics.


I teach Child Development and Family Dynamics and I enjoy working with students.  We study children to learn more about ourselves, to help children, and to one day work with children. We study families to discover opportunities for personal growth and discuss challenges and successes for today's families. Parents are vital to the success of learning. If you have any questions or concerns do no hesitate to contact me anytime.  Student information and weekly events will be listed in the calendar section.  Students will be given a test or quiz every week.  It is important that student study material daily.

 I am here to help students grow, learn, and prepare our future leaders of tomorrow.  Please feel free to contact me by email with the link above.



Make sure you are signed up for your class Vocab.com lessons.The links are below.  You will all need to click on the link for your class in order to join my vocabulary.com class. Once you click on the link below, it will take you directly to an invitation to join my class by signing in or creating an account. Its free! If you can't remember your login just create a new account.


Block 1( Child D) vocab link: http://vocab.com/join/200XWQ7

Block 3 ( Family D) vocab link.: http://vocab.com/join/YVJAAP

Block 4 ( Family D)vocab link: http://vocab.com/join/41J14VV







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