David Hoffman

Dual Credit Comp 1 & 2/English III

DC Comp 1 & 2/English III

David Hoffman


Each level of English instruction includes an intensive study of the dynamics and structure of the English language, including the essential skills of composition development, writing style, critical reading, writing and analysis, academic vocabulary, grammatical structure and rules, and academic verbal discussion.

English III specifically is a rigorous course in which students will study the development of American thought and the American voice in literature. Students will critically read and evaluate various forms and types of texts including novels, poetry, informational texts and visual texts. English III is designed to emphasize independent thought and equip students to be successful members of an increasingly global society and economy.

English Comp 1 is designed to prepare students for the writing required in college and the workplace with an emphasis on reading comprehension, critical thinking, and effective writing. Students will gain experience and increased confidence with writing. Students will write in multiple genres, especially the narrative, the essay, and the research paper. A working understanding of the conventions of academic discourse, especially the use of documentation (either MLA or APA) to cite sources and avoid plagiarism, will be emphasized. Through the practice of writing, revising, editing, and interacting with peers, students will produce texts that are reasonably free of error and which address the needs of different audiences with the appropriate voice, style, tone, structure, and format.

English Comp 2 is a continuation of English Comp 1, with an emphasis on research and composition. Readings, essays and a research paper are required. The course provides multi-genre instruction and practice in applying rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking skills, flexible writing processes, analysis of texts, and writing conventions to course assignments with an emphasis on the skills involved in research-based academic writing.  

About the Teacher

I bring a wide range of experiences to the classroom. I worked in the casino industry for nearly 20 years. I began my career in the casino industry as a Gaming Commissioner, setting policy and ensuring compliance with State and Federal Law. I made the transition from Gaming Regulation to Gaming Operations after 5 years. On the Casino Operations side, I began as a security officer and worked my way up to the Director of Security. I also have experience as a private investigator and worked as a firefighter for nearly 16 years. After choosing to retire from these fields, I went back to college and earned my degree as a teacher. I hope to bring, not only educational experience to the classroom but real-world experience as well.

I am originally from the New England area and made the move to Mississippi in 2011. I am married to my wonderful wife, Angelica, and we have six children. Our oldest two daughters are grown and have started families of their own. So, I am also a grandfather of three. Our son graduated from the University of Memphis and is now also a teacher with Desoto County Schools. Our third daughter is currently pursuing her aster's Degree with the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. We recently adopted our two youngest children. They are now ages 5 and 4. My wife is a reading interventionist here at Horn Lake as well, and has degrees from Texas A&M in teaching and reading recovery.

My education is as follows: 

Northwest Mississippi Community College: Associate of Arts Degree in Secondary Education.

The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss): Bachelor of Arts Degree in Secondary Education, with a focus in English/Literature.

Louisiana State University (LSU): Curriculum and Instruction, Literacy.

I am currently pursuing my PhD. from St. Thomas University in Miami, FL. Upon completion of my program, in 2024, I will have a Doctorate in Ethical Leadership, Specializing in Education.