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Chris Tice

Business Ed, Social Studies


Courses Taught:

Accounting Fundamentals, Personal Finance, AP Human Geography 



A word to parents:

I look forward to teaching your child the various subjects I teach including Accounting, Personal Finance, and AP Human Geography.. With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, things will continue to be somewhat different from how "It's always been". Nevertheless, I look forward to working with your child.


Chris Tice



About the Teacher


Bachelor of Commercial Aviation, Delta State University

Associate of Business, Northwest Junior College


20 years

I am a 1984 graduate of Southaven High School, a 1986 Graduate of Northwest Junior College, and a 1989 Graduate of Delta State University. I played baseball for all three schools and had aspirations of playing professionally. Fortunately, I did have a backup plan and obtained my Bachelor of Commercial Aviation (a management degree) from DSU in December of 1989. I worked for 14 years in Sales and Sales Management before I made the switch to education where I am in my 20th year. I have taught a number of courses at Horn lake High including Computer Applications, Accounting I & II, Mississippi Studies, Economics  Business FUNdamentals, Marketing Essentials, Personal Finance, and Advanced World Geography. Currently (2021/22) I am teaching Accounting Fundamentals, Personal Finance, and AP Human Geography.









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