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The Shallows Synthesis Essay
Due Date: 9/7/2018
Subject: English IV

At the end of our SREB English Unit 1, a synthesis essay will be due.  The prompt is as follows:


How is the exponential increase of information that we process in all forms of media affecting the way we live?  After reading Nicholas Carr's The Shallows:  What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains and other informational texts on the impact of information technology, write a synthesis essay in which you support a thesis based on one of the following quotes from Carr's text.  Support your position with evidence form the texts.


"With the exception of alphabets and number systems, the Net may well be the single most powerful mind- altering technology that has ever come into general use.  At the very least, it's the most powerful that has come along since the book" (Carr, 118).


"Karp, Friedman, and Davis-- all well-educated men with a keenness for writing-- seem fairly sanguine about the decay of their faculties for reading and concentrating.  All things considered, they say, the benefits they get form using the Net-- quick access to loads of information, potent searching an filtering tools, an easy way to share their opinions with a small but interested audience-- make up for the loss of their ability to sit still and turn the pages of a book or magazine" (Carr, 8).


"The price we pay to assume technology's power is alienation.  The toll can be particularly high with our intellectual technologies.  The tools of the mind amplify and in turn numb the most intimate, the most human, of our natural capacities-- those for reason, perception, memory, emotion" (Carr, 211). 


Use your best voice, academic language, and third person point of view.  Incorporate at least three sources to support your ideas.  Include at least three direct quotes; all quotes and paraphrased information must include a parenthetical citation.  The last page of your paper should beyour works cited page.  Follow all MLA guidelines for formatting and documentation. 


Select one of the three quotes from above that interests you the most.  What kind of ideas and thoughts do you have in response to this prompt?  What have you seen in Carr's text or in the other texts you have read thatseems to connect to this quote?

ACT Pre- test
Due Date: 8/29/2018
Subject: English IV

We will be having an ACT Pre- test on Wednesday.  Students will have the block to finish.  Please have them bring their books (whichever book they choose as long it's on reading level) to read after the test.

The Chaser Character Analysis
Due Date: 8/27/2018
Subject: English IV

Students will write a character analysis for the character of their choice from the short story, "The Chaser." 

Rhetorical Precis
Due Date: 8/17/2018
Subject: English IV

Assignment will be done in class Friday.