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Mr.  Chris  Tice
Accounting, Personal Finance, Employability Skills, Adv. World Geography, US Gov't.
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Texting and Driving

Accounting Glossary

Honest thiefs

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Our School Day Starts Too Early

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Personal Finance
Todays's Ask Dave 3rd Block

Personal Finance MAke up Padlet

I found $6,000 in my ceiling

My wife racked up $60,000 debt while I was on Deployment

Im 14 years old and have $21,000 in debt

Girlfriend wants to get married but won't talk about debt

Should we have a prenuptual agreement

5 Foundations Padlet

Moving on after prison

Got a DUI-Should I sell my car

Husband Keeps 50,000 in Garage

$175,000 in debt to be a teacher

girl costs dad 80K over social post

Parents have my credit card

Debt Snowball is overwhelming 2/16/17

Daughter embezzled 80K

I'm 17 and my divorced parents keep asking me for money

My Parents kicked me out

Teen never spends money

I found $6,000 in my ceiling

Saved $1.7 million and afraid to spend it

13.50 per hour 2 kids what do I do?

No college fund for son

Ive stayed at home to save, now what do I do

Todays Ask Dave 4th Block

Parents pressuring me to go into debt

we only make $30,000 upside down on 2 cars

Personal Finance 2nd Block

Mr. Tice's 2nd block Personal Finance link

Personal Finance 4th Block

Mr. Tice's 4th Block Persoanl Finance link