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RAMP stands for Restoration and Modification Program.  It is an in-school-based center created to respond to and redirect student behaviors that are inappropriate in the school environment.  This is done in effort to reduce the time students may spend in an Out of-school suspension. Our goal is for students to recognize and to consistently use appropriate replacement behaviors. The RAMP program is not simply to discipline the student, but to teach them how to exhibit appropriate behaviors in a school setting.  The RAMP placement is designed to eliminate future out of class and out of school time for each student.





7:00- Report to D2


7:15= Student will be counted as tardy


         7:15-7:30- Daily Announcements/ Bell Ringer


7:30-9:00- Academic Work


9:00- 10:00- School Service Project


10:00-10:40- Academic Work


10:40-11:00- LUNCH


11:00-12:30- Academic Work


12:30-1:00- RAMP TIME


1:00-2:00- Daily Reflection and Team Building


2:00-2:55- Counseling