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Here are some statements about studying. 

Study Habits:
1. Have a regular study time.
2. Do not listen to the radio or watch TV as you study.
3. As you study, try to express in your own words what the book is saying.
4. Don't allow your study time to be interrupted by phone calls or talking to people.
5. Set goals for how much reading you will complete by a certain time.
Before reading about a topic, look over the material to see what it is about.
7. Try to figure out how things you are studying will be useful to you later.

Taking Notes:
1. Try to get the teacher’s exact words down when you take notes.
2.  Rewrite all of your notes and put them in outline form and fill in important details.
3. When you listen to your teachers, think about what they are saying.
4.  During lectures, look at the teacher when you are not taking notes.