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Janna  Thompson
Algebra I, Geometry, ACT/SAT Prep I -Head Girls Basketball & Volleyball Coach
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Lady Eagles Basketball Coach

Lady Eagles Volleyball Coach


Algebra I





Welcome to Coach Thompson's Class


Contact Information:


Phone: 662-393-5273 ext. 1045


Tutoring- Generally on Mondays- can make arrangements as well.


Supplies- a binder with dividers is recommended. Organization is key and you will have to keep up with your daily tasks such as homework, boardwork, and notes.


Boardwork- assigned daily and is to be completed as soon as you enter the class. This task will be randomly checked and counts toward your participation grade.


Homework- will be assigned daily, but is not based on accuracy. One will receive the grade of 100, 75, 50, or 0.


Notes- are expected to be taken daily and will count toward your participation grade.


Grading Scale- Participation 10% Test 50% Homework 15% Quiz 10% Exam 20%


Your success and the success of this class begins with you. I look forward to an outstanding year!


Mrs./ Coach  Thompson