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Welcome to the Library 

 Mississippi Trivia:

Email today's answer to Be sure to label the subject bar of the email with "Trivia."

The first correct answer Mrs. Hopkins reads will be the winner!

The HLHS Library Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Horn Lake High School Library Media Center is to provide an innovative learning environment that encourages students and faculty to become effective users of information in the 21st Century while assisting them in developing the skills necessary for lifelong reading and learning."


The library is open every day at 7:00 AM and during lunch on most days. The lunch library schedule is posted to the right of the library entrance. Students may use the library to complete work on computers, check out library books, read, or complete homework and/or projects.

Cell phone use IS NOT allowed in the library unless approved by Mrs. Hopkins. Refer to the cell phone policy in the student handbook for the results of using cell phones inappropriately. 

Click on Links above to access the library catalog, Magnolia Databases, the First Regional Library system (the public library), research paper assistance, author websites, and other interesting websites. 




username: hornlakehs
password: eagles