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Spanish I, II 2016-2017

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Welcome to Spanish I, II

If you need to contact me please e-mail me at  I check my email regularly and will get back to you as quickly as possible. You may also call and make an appointment by calling 662-393-5273. My conference period is 11:15-12:30.


Check under the Assignments section to find assignments we are covering or have covered in class.  Spanish is a vocabulary based course so it is important that your child study vocabulary on a regular basis.  The vocabulary list can be found at the end of each chapter in the text book.  Check the Handouts/Study Guides section for material that will assist you when helping your child study for quizes/exams.  Your child will need a Spanish/English dictionary for Spanish I and II.

Chapter powerpoints can be found under the Presentations tab.



If you look at the Calendar tab, you will find a list of school events and my scheduled events.  All of the events that are attributed to me will be highlighted in light and dark blue on the Calendar page.