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Mrs.  Melanie  Jolly
Latin I & II
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For the week of 02/13-02/17:



Latin II- This week we will be studying the perfect passive particple used as an adjective.  We will also be learning the 3rd declension noun endings.  We will read excerpts from both The Aeneid and The Odyssey, and we will compare and contrast the characters Aeneas and Ulysses.  On Tuesday, we will read about the origin of St. Valentine's Day as it relates to Ancient Rome.


Black History Month Project

Edward Wilmot Blyden

Richard Theodore Greener

William Sanders Scarborough

James Monroe Gregory

Frazelia Campbell

Wiley Lane

William Henry Crogman

John Wesley Gilbert

Daniel Barclay Williams

Lewis Baxter Moore

Reuben Shannon Lovinggood

George Morton Lightfoot

Helen Maria Chesnutt


½ - 1 page typed report on one of the people listed above



A report on the role of Africans in Ancient Rome


A report on the role Dido plays in The Aeneid


Due Tuesday, February 28, 2017