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Mrs.  Sara  Reed
AP English Comp III, Acc. English IV, Dual Credit Comp II
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Summer Reading List 

AP English Language and Composition Summer Reading Assignments


Welcome to AP English Language and Composition for the 2018-2019 school year! To prepare for the beginning of school in August, students will need complete a summer assignment. The two parts of the summer assignment are outlined below. Please complete all tasks before Friday, August 10, for you may be assessed—quiz, essay, graded discussion—on any of the two pieces of this assignment. The entire summer assignment is also uploaded on AP English Language students will need to sign up for the class Remind for important class updates and



AP Lang Class Assess Codes assess code   WPDB8-W7S7R.


Remind 101- text @28cae7b to 81010




It is crucial that you have a foundation in terminology before you arrive in August. Therefore a vocabulary list of rhetorical devices has been assigned on Students will NOT be required to earn a certain amount of points BUT will need to MASTER the entire list of terms.



AP English Language focuses on nonfiction texts. Students will read the nonfiction text, The Overachievers by Alexandra Robbins. This text deals with the idea that schools are no longer primarily places of learning. High schools are now a place in which students set aside interests and passions in order to obtain higher scores. The narrative explores how our high-stakes educational culture has spiraled out of control.


As students read the text, they will need to complete a dialectical journal. Students should write in one notebook. These journals will consist of quotations in which students will respond critically.


Select ONE quotation or passage for every 15-20 pages of text. Respond to the quotations. Think about the ways in which the author uses language to create an effect. What is it about the language that stands out and makes the passage distinctive? How does the passage reflect the author’s style and reveal larger themes of the work? Reponses should be developed thoughtfully and intellectually. Each response should be approximately 30 words in length. See the template below. Responses should resemble 2 column notes.


Quote/Passage- (left side of the page)


“write the quote from the book in the correct MLA citation” (page #).

Response- (right side of the page)


Respond in one of the following ways for each quotation.

-        Raise questions about the beliefs and values implied in the text

-        Give your personal reactions to the passage

-        Discuss the words, ideas, or actions of the author or character

-        Tell what reminds you of from your own experiences

-        Write about what it makes you think or feel

-        Argue with or speak to the character or author