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John Curbow Staff Photo




Mr. Curbow

Job Skills Math

Room E-11

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be Prepared. Always have notebook, homework and pencil when you come to class. Be ready to work! Students will not be allowed to leave class after it begins.
  2. Classwork. Classwork should be turned in the designated box each day.
  3. Be Respectful. Students will be respectful to other students and to fellow classmates and the teacher.

Students will need:

  1. Spiral notebook for vocabulary words, example problems and notes.
  2. Pencils (No Pens)
  3. Dry erase markers
  4. Highliters


Each student is responsible for keeping a notebook. The notebook will consist of vocabulary words and example problems and notes. If a student is absent it is the students responsibility for getting the vocabulary words, examples and notes from a classmate. At the end of each nine weeks, I will check your notebook. The notebook should contain the lesson heading at the top of the page, vocabulary words and their definitions, all example problems written entirely and the correct solution shown. The notebook will be counted as part of your overall grade.

Daily work and homework:

Students will have daily work to complete in class and homework. All work is based on effort, if you choose to complete 15 out of 20 you will receive 15/20. All problems are to be written (unless otherwise instructed) and all work must be shown. Students are responsible for bringing homework to class. If the student leaves the assignment somewhere else you will receive a 0. No exceptions!