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Happy School Year Everyone!!


I am so excited to be teaching Learning Strategies this term! I am also so excited to have your student in my room! To give you a heads up about everything- they do have a few sheets that need to come back to me. Also, we will have bellwork and several other assignments daily! I plan to focus on reading, writing, and basic math skills to aid your student! We will utilize,, and ACT vocabulary. I am also encouraging them to read for 20 minutes in class and outside of class! The more they read, the more they'll understand and the better their vocabulary will be! 


Please let me know if you have any questions! I am so excited to learn along side your student this year! 

Weekly Checks  

Starting the week of August 21st, I will begin to send home grades! Be sure to check the mailbox for your student's grades! IF you prefer a call or e-mail, please let me know!