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Mr.  Chris  Tice
Accounting, Personal Finance, Employability Skills, Adv. World Geography, US Gov't.
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Daily Grade  

Each 9 weeks the student will get a daily grade whcih counts as a test grade (40%). This grade primarily consists of the student's attendance, tardies, and class room behavior/participation. All students start with a 100 A. Each time the student is absent or Tardy, 3 points are deducted from the Daily Grade. Once the student gets their 4th tardy and/or absence, the points deducted go up to 5 points. In addition, classroom participation with our daily bellwork is encouraged. Each student is required to have the previous day's bellwork completed and ready to be read if called on. If the student isn't prepared (ie didn't do the assignment), they have 5 points deducted. If the student demonstrates a particularly nasty attitude when asked to read their sentence, more points may be deducted.

This particular assignment is designed for the student to make a really good grade. If they are here each day, aren't tardy, and are willing participants in the daily writing assignment, then they get a 100 or close as a test grade. However, if the student is tardy all the time, misses alot, and is neglectful of their very easy daily homework assignment, then the grade may not be very good.

Sign up for the Accounting "Remind"  

PLease sign up for accounting reminders by texting @christice1 to the number 81010. Thanks!