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What's happening in class....  

SREB: Task 18: Dirt Bike Dilemma

Students are working on Task 18 to determine the maximum profit and best use of available parts to build a dirt bike.  This project will count as a test grade and is due Thursday, April 5th. Half of the grade will come from completing the questions in the packet and the other half of the grade will come from completion/presentation of a poster to include the graph from question #6 on regular graph paper, all of the inequalities used and how, the list from question #14, a conclusion as to the max profit and best use of parts, and neatness.






Show Respect

         Take Responsibility


"It's just that simple,   and it's just that hard."

              Rev. Rob White, First Presbyterian Church, Hernando


Spring Semester 2018  

Welcome to SREB/ Essentials of College Math and Algebra II

You will need a small 3-ring binder and pencils.