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What's happening in class....  


We have completed Unit 1.

Unit 2 is all about equations.  Students will construct and evaluate multi-step problems while seeking the understanding of how and why equations and inequalities are used in their daily lives.  We will be deciding if equations are "always true", "sometimes true", or "never true".

The test for Unit 2 will be Thursday, February 1st - provided we don't have any more snow!!


Algebra II

We completed our review of Algebra 1.

Unit 2 is about Linear relations and functions and Systems of equations and inequalities.  We will also learn how to calculate Linear Regression using the calculator.  Some of our Systems problems will have 3 variables!!

We should have a quiz on Friday, January 26th.

The test for Unit 2 will be around Wednesday, February 7th.


Black History Month Activities  

We will be viewing selected scenes from the movie "Hidden Figures."  This is a true story about 3 amazing women who used their extraordinary mathematical ability to help launch the space program.  These women worked for NASA in Hampton, VA (my home town) and were responsible for calculating the trajectories of the space shuttles - by hand!!!


Show Respect

         Take Responsibility


"It's just that simple,   and it's just that hard."

              Rev. Rob White, First Presbyterian Church, Hernando


Spring Semester 2018  

Welcome to SREB/ Essentials of College Math and Algebra II

You will need a small 3-ring binder and pencils.