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Steven Nails Staff Photo

Classroom Management

What we do   

Being part of the educational system is a rewarding job.  It allows me to be able to help students learn and grow into positive contributors of the world.  In order for me to influence students, I have to be very busy and versatile.  I work with students in the classroom by reinforcing what the teachers are teaching.  I help by being able to work in small groups, one on one, or whole group.  It is joint effort to ensure all our students are learning at their maximum potential.

I also work with students in my own room.  There we work on skills related to foundational elements of learning, as well as, specific skills students need to learn for certain topics.  I do my best to meet the need of each of my students, but I always try to push them to persevere.

Less than desirable behavior  

Every now and then a student can have a bad day or become upset.  We do our best at Horn Lake Intermediate to get to the bottom of a behavior so we can better help our students learn to cope or deal with what goes on around them.  However, sometimes there are instances where students can become disruptive to the learning environment.  In these cases, I do my best to follow our policies and procedures we have in place here at Horn Lake intermediate.  You may also receive a phone call or email from me to inform you of some behaviors in order to see if there is a different approach we should take to help our students succeed.  Regardless of what type of behaviors students exhibit, we must do our best to work together to try and foster and reinforce a positive outcome in every situation.

Break Time  

Another method I use for Classroom management is Break Time.  If a student has worked extremely hard on assignments or tasks, they can earn 5 or 10 minutes of Break Time.  My students love Break Time because it allows them to be able to relax and just simply take a break.  There are stipulations to Break Time.  First, it must be used after work or a task has been completed.  Second, Break Time can not interrupt any instructional time for students.  Third, the students are responsible for cleaning up and ensuring everything is put away correctly.  These stipulations help ensure the students are learning responsibility,  work ethic, and general respect of an environment.

Treasure Box  

I utilize different techniques when managing the classroom environment.  The most popular amongst my students is the Treasure Box.  When students earn a certain number of points for following directions, staying on task, and good behavior, they are allowed to get a prize from the box.  There is candy, pencils, toys, and other items the students will work hard for.  My students ask me everyday if they have earned points so they can get something out of the Treasure Box.