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Harlow, Chris Assistant Principal
Orr, Andy Principal
Perkins, Kris Assistant Principal
Salemi, Jay Assistant Principal
Lamb, Mazie Assistant Principal

Allen, Lauren English III & IV
Bailey, Chatuan English I & II
Beck, Holly Choral Music - Ensemble, General Music
Beecroft, Allison Special Education
Blaylock, Garrett Intro to World Geography, World History
Bostick, Cole US History, ACT/SAT Prep I, US Government
Boyette, Brad Driver's Ed/Football Coach
Brown, Carolyn English I
Chaput, Art Inclusion - Science
Clark, Stephanie Physical Science
Curbow, John Special Education - Life Skills Math
Daugherty, Stephanie French I & II, German I & II
Davis, Angela Tech Foundations/Graphic Design I & II
Dupree, Alan AP U.S. History, U.S. History, Dual Credit U.S. History II, AP World History
Eilert, Lee U.S. History, Mississippi Studies, Intro to World Geography, Cross-Country & Track
Ferrill, Thomas Health
Fox, Laurel Creative Writing, Employability Skills- Head Girls Soccer
Gage, Destinee Spanish I & II
Glidewell, Kyle Mississippi Studies, Intro to World Geography
Gore, Matthew Psychology, Sociology
Gurley, Cynthia Ess. of College Math, SREB Math & Algebra II
Hall, Ava Biology I
Harrell, Sheryl Special Education
Harris, Tori PE - Head Boys Basketball Coach
Harville, Mitchell Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I
Hectorne, Dustin Edgenuity
Hoffman, David English II, Compensatory Reading II
Hopkins, Beckie EL Teacher
Hunt, Greg Foundations of Biology
Hurt, Pete RAMP Teacher
Johnson, Lisa English I & II
Jolly, Melanie Latin I & II
Jones, Kenny Earth & Space Science, Physicas I
Jones, Lynelda Biology I, OL-Earth & Space Science
Jones, Sarry-Ann Algebra II
Kapps, Rhonda Foundations of Algebra, Algebra 1, Compensatory Math I, AP Calculus
Kenagy, Shannon JROTC
King, Shelby Music - Band Director
Kinney, Michael AP Biology, Biology I, Human A & P, Dual Credit - Principles of Biology I
Lamberth, Alexander JROTC Instructor
LaPorte, Laura Debate 1, Oral Communications, Dual Credit Speech, English IV, Learning Strategies
Lawrence, Mallie Inclusion - Math & English
Lewis, Marcus Broadcasting - EVTV - General Music, Webmaster
Lewis, Preston Compensatory Reading I, English I
Lindsay, Megan Librarian
Malin, Danielle Dual Credit College Algebra, Math Coach
McGowan, Christopher Foundations of Algebra, Algebra 1, Compensatory Math I
McNeil, Frederick Algebra II
Mixon, Hertensia Foundations of Algebra, Compensatory Math I, Algebra I
Mullen, Julia Inclusion - English
Nails, Ivan World History/Head Baseball Coach
Nails, Steven Geometry
Neely, Justin Health Ed
Parker, Julie English II
Pattberg, Trudi Graphic Design I, Yearbook
Pollan, Kimberly Pre-K
Rainey, Spencer Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I, Compensatory Math I
Reed, Sara AP English Comp III, Acc. English IV, Dual Credit Comp II
Reynolds, Kimberli Physical Science, Marine & Aquatic Science, Environmental Science
Rias, Gail Inclusion - Math
Robinson, Candace US History
Rooke, Carolyn Early Childhood I & II
Sanders, Janna World History
Sandlin, Jonathan Community Service Learning
Satcher, April Visual Arts
Satcher, Michael Economics, U.S. Government
Smith, Ebony Special Education
Smith, Joshua Foundations of Biology
Smith, Tammy Gifted Art III & IV, Visual Art - 2D/3D Art - AP Studio Drawing
Smith, Wendy Career Pathways
Stephen, Jaleesha Family Dynamics & Child Development
Tatum, Jennifer English 11 & Acc. English III
Thomas, Shamia Biology I, Foundations of Biology & Physical Science
Thomason, Jesse Algebra I, Geometry
Thompson, Janna Algebra I, Geometry, ACT/SAT Prep I -Head Girls Basketball & Volleyball Coach
Tice, Chris Accounting, Personal Finance, Employability Skills, Adv. World Geography, US Gov't.
Tipton, Camaren Inclusion - Math
Toungett, Janelle Nutrition and Wellness
Townsend, Simeon Geometry, Ready HS Math
Tubbs, William Inclusion
Umberger, Amanda Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra, Compensatory Math I
Walker, Missy Gifted English I & II, PSAT, Accelerated English II
Walton, Paula Testing Coordinator
Warfield, Jasmine Chemistry I, Earth & Space Science
Wilbanks, Amy Inclusion
Williamson, Wesley Intro to Theatre Arrs, Theatre II
Wilson, Justin Strategies for Success, Soccer
Winston, Patricia Counselor
Woods, David Asst. Band Director
Zluticky, Mary SREB Literacy, Essentials of College Lit, English IV

Edmonds, Robert Instructional Asst.
Hogue, Darlene Cohort Clerk
Hudson, Markisha Instructional Asst.
Johnson, Normanique MSIS Clerk
Kohler, Danielle Instructional Asst.
Lane, Jackie Instructional Asst.
Lockett, Afiya Sped Asst.
Matthews, Flo Maintenance Mgr.
McNeil, Adrian Counselor
Menzel, Jennifer Instructional Asst.
Moore, Amy Math Coach
Morris, Ida Personal Care Asst.
Neely, Tykekia Speech/Language Pathologist
Nicklay, Jessica Therapeutic Interventionist
Owens, Laura Bookkeeper
Reed, Charlene Instructional Asst.
Sanders, Cassie Classroom Tech Coach
Sharp, Sonya Clerical
Thompson, Matt Computer Tech
Tippitt, Donna Counselor
Weeks, Donnie Athletic Director
Wilson, Maggie Secretary
Winston, Patricia Counselor