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PSAT Summer Camp 2013
PSAT Summer Camp 2013

       A. 2-inch three ring binder

       B. Tab dividers (4)
       C. 3" x 5" index cards (you will cut them in half to make flashcards, so you may want to purchase those that are already cut.)

Write an essay about WHY you are taking the PSAT class.
     A.  Include your goals and expectations, strengths, and weaknesses.
     B. Detail what YOU will do to develop your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
This essay can be in a 3-paragraph format and should be at least one full page. 
The essay should be typed and double spaced.
Then, open the discussion guide found in PSAT files. Answer the questions and bring them to class the first day.
4. Bring to class:
    A. your PSAT test booklet
    B. your PSAT score report