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National Honor Society

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National Honor Society


Juniors and Senior NHS candidates for the 2017-2018 academic year will be notified by September 8th, 2017.


To be invited to apply to Horn Lake High School’s National Honor Society, a student must meet the following requirements:


1. The student must have been enrolled at HLHS for at least one full semester.


2. The student must be either a junior or senior in high school.


3. The student will be excluded from consideration if he or she has violated the DeSoto County School discipline code with a Level 2 or higher. Students will also be excluded if there is a history of legal arrests. 


4. Currently our NHS invitation requirements are an overall NGA of a rounded 93 for juniors and a rounded 92 for seniors, as well as no failing semester averages. Once invited, students must submit a candidate packet that includes signatures acknowledging expectations, a personal essay, and two favorable teacher recommendations.

Once invited to apply, students applications will be evaluated for leadership and service. 

Candidates submitting above requirements are considered potential new members and can be initiated after one successful academic semester and after paying chapter dues. 








2017 National Honor Society Inductees